Guest screenings and workshops organized by the Filmwerkplaats through the years with a.o. : Koyo Yamashita (Image Forum Tokyo), Miriam Gossing and Liena Sieckmann (DE/USA), Karel Doing (UK), , Martha Colburn (USA/NL), Greg Pope (UK), Dagie Brundert (D), Bruce McClure (USA), Tomonari Nishikawa (JP), Deborah Strattman (USA), David Leister (UK), Matt Hulse (UK), Tony Hill (UK), Jeff Scher (USA), Inger Lise Hansen (NO), Guy Sherwin (UK), Dirk de Bruyn (AUS), Ben Rivers (UK), Joost Rekveld (NL), Kerry Laitala (USA), Ben Russel (USA), John Price (CAN), Metamkine (F), Reinhart Cosaert (B), Robert Schaller (USA), Alex MacKenzie (CAN), Makino Takashi (JP), Floris Vanhoof (B), Taylor Dunne & Erik Stewart (USA), Kevin Rice (USA), Richard Tuohy (AUS), Etienne Caire (F), Alan Kemp (UK), Robert Todd (USA), Eve Heller (AU/USA), Paola Davanzo & Lisa Marr (USA), Nenad Popov (RS).
REMI is a two-year cooperation project run by Mire (Nantes, FR), WORM. Filmwerkplaats (Rotterdam, NL) and Labor Berlin (Berlin, DE), focused on the creation, preservation and circulation of technical knowledge of analogue film in order to support Its use as a creative medium.
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In this project, the artists of the Filmwerkplaats go beyond the cinema screen and project specially crafted films in exciting outdoor venues and improvised urban settings. Featured in the exhibition ‘Do it With Us’ at Mirta Demare Gallery, Rotterdam. Past events: Witte de With Festival, Fashion store Funky House, Rotterdam, Putsebocht, a whole night takeover of a complete street in Rotterdam, Riders of the Cold, film installations, Mafkees Hostel, Rotterdam, Raw Art Fair Rotterdam, Rotterdam Museum Night Club Opening, North Sea Jazz Festival, Rotterdam.
EL SANTO (Hometown)
A community feature film project using black & white 16mm film and Agile filmmaking practices to explore Rotterdam’s community and landscape in search for figures and traces of heroic spirits. The quest for an imaginary homeland, longing, memories and identity punctuate the stories of the ghost characters from this film. Inspired by Agile and Lean software development practices, we have adopted some of those working methods into our processes of filmmaking. We call it Agile Filmmaking. Among other working principles, this means that all filmmakers’ developments are influenced by regular feedback sessions, not just within the different film crews but also by public participation and feedback. Premiered at International Film Festival Rotterdam 2015.
Screening program that focused on exposing different film labs worlwide and the creation of self-organized networks. With a.o. : L'Abominable Paris presented by co-founder Nicolas Rey, Labor Berlin presented by Distruktur Duo, FilmkoopWien presented by Josesphine Ahnelt and Bastian Schwind, MireNantes presented by Aurélie Percevault, MTK Grenoble presented by Etienne Caire, Artist Film Workshop (AFW) Melbourne, Australia + Process Reversal Collective (USA) presented by Kevin Rice, MAAC-Le (Labo Bruxelles) presented by Els van Riel, Klubvizija SC Zagreb presented by Branka Valjin and Ejla Kovacevic.
For Sight of Sound, young contemporary filmmakers and visual artists created their own short do-it-yourself films, installations and performances. Using predominantly analog 16mm celluloid film, chemical laboratory and mechanical projection techniques, they explored the areas between the image area and the soundtrack on the film strip, between light projection and sound reproduction. With film screenings, workshops and new works by Marcy Saude, Nan Wang, Nick Aberson, Judith van der Made & Marina Stavrou, Yoana Buzova, Daan de Bakker, Lichun Tseng, Helene Martin, Klara Ravat, Esther Urlus.